Buhaus Tiny Container Home

Tiny dwelling meets luxury in these Bauhaus-inspired fireproof container homes.

Credit: Buhaus

In the wake of the 2018 Woolsey fire that ravaged southern California, Malibu duo Doug Burdge and Nate Garnero sought to provide temporary housing to their clients, transforming containers into small fire-resistant houses. Building on Garnero's six years of cargo-reading experience and Burdge's design expertise, the duo recently launched the Buhaus: a pre-licensed tiny container house built for life. indoor / outdoor.

"People appreciate great design, and most shipping container designs seem to be more low-end, We wanted to create a higher-end shipping container living unit."

Credit: Buhaus


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Buhaus - a combination of the words Bauhaus and Malibu - alludes to the 20th century movement thanks to its clean, geometric form and focus on functionality. The 160 sq. Ft. Buhaus studio is effectively split into three areas: a living / sleeping area with kitchenette, bathroom, and outdoor terrace.

Credit: Buhaus

Custom built-ins, space-saving devices, and a constant connection with the outside area help make the minimalist apartment feel much larger than the size suggests. The base unit will be available at a flat rate of $ 96,000 (excluding location costs) and can be further customized with a selection of finishes and hardware options.

Credit: Buhaus

"This unit is unique because it is off-grid capable. It has all the hookups necessary for alternative energy."

To see more check out the view below, and the Buhaus is available for orders, you can find out more on their website here.