Stay at this cozy cabin in the woods

This tiny off-grid cabin can be all yours for a weekend, or two. Take a peak, fall for its charm and take a coupon worth up to $69 off a (or any other Airbnb) stay, while you are here!

The Nook is a tiny cabin built by world famous photographer Mike Belleme as a perfect artist retreat or romantic getaway. The interior is a mixture of soft woodgrains combined with eggshell white and light hues of teal, while the outside mixes rustic with modern design.

Photo: Mike Belleme

This home contains space comes in at around 400 square feet, mixes design elements of both Japanese & Scandinavian style, containing a loft resting area, living space, kitchen, bathroom and outside balcony as well as being 100% off-grid.

The story behind The Nook originates with Mike’s documentary project named "Wild Roots", which focuses on a homestead by the same name in the wilderness of North Carolina . His enchantment with the simple, nature-oriented lifestyle motivated a lengthy stint in an isolated tree house, an experience he describes as "magical and transformative."


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Photo: Mike Belleme

Photo: Mike Belleme

As a self-proclaimed tree geek, Mike has kept a stock of the dead and fallen trees in Western North Carolina throughout his time there. It was imperative to him to utilize nearby wood—white oak, red oak, dark pecan, dark grasshopper—so the frame of the house reflected the trees outside.

A significant part of The Nook was worked from pieces he scrounged. "Each sort of wood has a specific state of mind and character," he says.

Photo: Mike Belleme

"This house is a collection of stories. Stories of cultural and personal history, ecology, and craft. To celebrate this area's incredible legacy of craft, we’ve collaborated with some of the most talented makers in the region"

Photo: Mike Belleme

Building The Nook for present moment, get-away living permitted the group certain opportunities. Rather than agonizing over capacity—there are two drawers under the bed and a solitary rack by the passage for food things that don't fit in the ice chest—they kept the space open; and as opposed to making both of the lofts a second resting territory, they had the option to enjoy some offbeat ideas that make the space extraordinary.

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