The Northern Lights Dream Cabin

The Panorama Glass Lodge allows you to sleep under the stars (and if you are lucky, the Northern Lights) complete with a breath taking view in a...

house boats

Amazing London Houseboat

Meet The Dusky Parakeet, a bright and modern houseboat, created by London–based firm 31/44 Architects.


Luxury Rural Home In The Woods

On a rural hillside property encircled by fern-carpeted woods with breathtaking Green Mountain views, owners of the Elemental House envisioned a home...

tiny homes

Vardo Style Tiny Home

This super light weight tiny and home was crafter by French builders Baluchon and can be towed around with ease! This home takes many key styles...


Modern Hybrid Yurt Cabin

Wondering how a yurt, crossed with a modern minimalist cabin & slathered in beautiful wooden lattice would look? Well wonder no further!


Stay at this cozy cabin in the woods

This tiny off-grid cabin can be all yours for a weekend, or two. Take a peak, fall for its charm and take a coupon worth up to $69 off a (or any...